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There are a number of different jeans styles to choose from. Skinny. Boyfriend. Destructed. Cropped. Straight. Bootcut. High waisted. With so many options and so many looks to go with each of them, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Take a deep breath. We’ve got this.

Jeans should first flatter your natural figure and be something that you are comfortable wearing. These are a closet staple and well worth finding the perfect pair. If you feel uncomfortable in them, you’re not going to wear them and they just aren’t worth the investment.

Here are some style tips for finding jeans to fit your figure.

  • If you have a pear shape (smaller bust and larger hips), you’ll want to look for jeans that help balance out your shape. A low to mid-rise boyfriend or cropped jean will help flatter your hips without overwhelming your top half.

  • If you have an hourglass shape, lucky you babe! An hourglass shape looks great in most jean styles which means the denim world is full of possibilities. For a really flattering fit, try a high waisted, skinny, or straight leg jean to highlight your shape.

  • If you have an athletic shape, you’ll want to create feminine curves and define your waist to help add more to your shape. Look for jeans with mid to high waist slim fits like a straight, skinny, or high waisted style.

  • If you have a curvy shape, embrace the curve and don’t be afraid to show it off. Flaunt your shape with mid to high waist, skinny, or bootcut fits in dark washes.

After you’ve found a pair that you feel great in, styling them is the fun experimental part. Fashion is meant to be fun.

For skinny or straight fit jeans, consider pairing with a loose or flowing style blouse or top a classic white tee with an oversized kimono or light cardigan. Pair with a cute pair of heels, ballet flats, or sneaker for an effortless and casual look.

For boyfriend jeans, keep the waist defined with a slimmer fit top or tucked in blouse. Roll or cuff the hems to keep yourself from getting lost in the loose fit in the legs. Looking to dress it up? Add a cute heel or sandal or dress it down with a pair of ballet flats, loafer, or sneaker.

For cropped jeans, look for hems that finish a couple of inches above your ankle. We’re looking for crop, not capri. Consider even a rolled hem to make your favorite full-length jean into a crop! You can easily change up your go to pair by rolling or cuffing the hem to create a cute slight crop and pair with sandals, heels, or even a slim sneaker for a different spring or summer take on your favorite jean. An easy fit top is excellent for a weekend look with a light jacket for cooler nights. Pair with a flat or sneaker for something casual or a strappy sandal for a summer night out.

For high-waisted jeans, you don’t want to lose the waist with long or bulky tops, so show it off with a tucked in blouse or top. Don’t be afraid to accent your silhouette with a slim blazer for a bit of a sophisticated look or classic denim jacket (in a different wash than the jean) for the ultimate casual look. Add a bit of extra flair with a simple heel for a youthful but elegant touch!

Look for jeans that fit, flatter, and are comfortable first. Then have a bit of fun playing with style! Loose fit tops with slimmer jeans, tucked in tops to accent cinched waists, and balanced looks that don’t lose you in the fit are a few things to remember when figuring out your look. You can always dress up or down any look by simply changing your shoes!

Denim yes!

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