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Back to Denim Basics Series

Raise your hand if you’ve been living in pajamas, yoga pants, and leggings for the past year.

🙋🏼‍♀️ Right there with you.

This last year has been a strange fashion adventure into all things effortless and comfortable, because honestly, other than dressing from the waist up for all those Zoom meetings, who was going to see? Once the pandemic started and we really didn’t have a reason to sport those skinny jeans at home, they got semi-retired to the back of our closets in the search for comfort.

Now things are starting to open back up and life is getting back to a kind of normal. We’re making plans with friends for drinks, heading back to offices we haven’t set foot in for a year, and looking forward to getting out into the real world and actually doing something. Which means it’s time to dust off your denim and put it back in the fashion game.

I know it’s been a year and you might be feeling a bit rusty. Don’t worry, your fashion guide is here. To help you get reacquainted with your jeans, I’ll be laying out the Back to Denim Basics. This three-part series will cover the ins and outs of wearing jeans again. From what’s currently trending to the best ways to store and style your jeans for looking full on fabulous.

In the first part, we’ll get into the best ways to care for and store your denim. We’ll answer things like how often to wash your jeans and the best ways to keep them in your wardrobe so they look fresh every time you wear them. Spoiler alert, bunched up in the back of your closet is not one of them.

Secondly, we’ll get into the best style for your figure and how to style each jean for a flattering look. We’ll even get into a few different ways you can style one pair different ways to change up the look of your denim and create a versatile piece for your wardrobe. If you’ve been in a style rut for what to wear with your jeans, this is a can’t miss section.

Finally, we’ll be covering current trends in jeans. Answering questions like “is still okay to wear skinny jeans?” and “what jean styles are in for 2021?” We’ll get into different style trends on the horizon, washes, and how to make them work for you.

Whatever your favorite style jean, from classic skinny to boyfriend, let’s dig out all of your denim and make wearing jeans easy again!

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