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Jump into the Jumpsuit style!

So many women are nervous to give this look a try, and we totally understand why. A great statement jumpsuit depends on finding the style and fit that flatters your shape and then choosing the right accessories to accent the look. However, once you find a great fitting jumpsuit, there are so many ways to accessorize it and change the whole look in an instant.

How to find the right fit for your shape

A jumpsuit is a great no-fuss look that can go from casual night out to formal event. The key to making it look au-naturale is in picking the right style and fit for your shape. Here are a few tips to make the hunt for the perfect all in one easier!

1. Pear shape

If you’re smaller up top and broader in the hips, consider going for an off the shoulder jumpsuit to balance out your silhouette. A wide or straight leg pant that flows straight from your hip will help give your legs a slimmer appearance. We adore this one from Aqua at Bloomingdale’s.

2. Hourglass shape

A lot of outfits look phenomenal on an hourglass shape and a jumpsuit is another one of them. Accent that natural waist with a jumpsuit that cinches at the waist, tie or belt, and fits snug to the body. A kick of flare or straight leg are great to emphasize your curves. This Caper Jumpsuit from Cabi is a great fit, with a tie waist and (bonus) pockets!

3. Straight shape

With a straight shape you want to create curves with your outfit, and jumpsuits are no different. Look for jumpsuits with a cinched waist, with elements that create a bit of volume up top, and a fitted leg. The Summer Jumpsuit from Cabi is an excellent choice for summer wear.

Here are a few tips on how to style your jumpsuit for different occasions.

1. Fit for Business

Adding a great blazer on top of your jumpsuit can elevate the whole outfit for the boardroom. If your jumpsuit is in a neutral tone, like a black or navy, consider a blazer in a pop of color or print for a fun flair.

2. Cool and casual

A great jacket or cardigan adds character to your look and keeps you warm on cool summer nights. When styling with a jacket or cardigan, pay attention to the length. Make sure that it accents your jumpsuit by choosing hip or just below waist length for jumpsuits that tie at the waist or longer cardigans for a more fitted jumpsuit.

3. Accessorize!

It’s much simpler because you only have one thing to wear, but you still need to spend a bit of time on picking out your accessories. A belt is always a great option as it flatters your waist line and can add a pop of contrast to your look. As for jewelry, you want necklaces and earrings that will compliment your jumpsuit while allowing it to be the statement look. We like pendant earrings and a chunky or layered necklace. Let the jumpsuit be center stage. Your accessories are icing on the cake.

4. Shoes

Create height in your outfit by adding a pair of heels. Jumpsuits can give the appearance of being mini-versions of ourselves. If you’re feeling shorter, heels will lengthen your legs and, as always, they add feminine elegance to any outfit. For a more casual look, slip on a pair of sneakers for a go all day look. We love a white sneaker with a colored jumpsuit.

We love a statement jumpsuit. It’s an effortless all-in-one garment like the dresses we love so much and very easy to style into a number of different looks. As always have fun with your style and when in doubt, reach out! We’ll help you find something you can’t wait to wear!

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