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Fashion Rules: Forget the rules!

We’ve all heard those fashion rules. Don’t wear white after Labor Day. You can’t wear black with brown or navy. When in doubt, wear black. These mysterious rules have been handed down from fashion designer to trend to you. No one knows really where they come from or who said they were set in stone, but there they are… telling us what we can and can’t wear.

Forget the rules. Your personal style is about embracing what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and happy. It should be about what fits your body rather than what trends say you should look like. It should be about creating your own look that stands out rather than blending into the crowd. Basically, if you like it, wear it.

Instead of rules, here are some tips for the creating the building blocks of any great wardrobe.

1: Dress for your body shape, not for trends

The old saying is “Trends fade. Style is forever.” Trends are great to try, and if they work for you all the better. However, if you try on some trendy fashion and it just doesn’t quite suite your style, that’s okay. It’s far more important that you are comfortable in your own skin than embracing a look just for the sake of being on trend.

2: Invest in quality under garments

It seems like a small thing, especially since you’re just layering clothes over them, but quality fit underwear can make all the difference to your outfit. A good bra can be hard to find, but well worth the hunt. Investing in underwear that fits sets the foundation for your whole outfit.

3: Accessories are your friend.

Adding accessories to a basic tee and jeans outfit can transform it to a very stylish look. Swapping out those accessories can completely change the same outfit! Invest in quality accessories to add polish to your wardrobe with pieces that will last. Accessories are also a great way to experiment with trends in a subtle way without having to dive into the whole look.

4: Buy what fits now

We’re all guilty of it. We buy something that doesn’t quite fit now because we’re going to, eventually, fit in it. Absolutely love that we have a goal, but that shouldn’t mean that you buy those jeans or that dress then have to wait to wear them. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in pieces that you love now. Timeless style is built upon how clothes fit.

5: It’s okay to splurge a bit

If that lovely bag, comfortable pair of nice boots, or stunning winter trench are going to stand the test of time, then they’re worth the investment. Quality statement pieces can carry your wardrobe for a long time. Plus if its comfortable and stylish, why would you not invest in a quality piece?

6: Care for your clothes

You spent the time and dollars to find that great coat, that nice pair of boots, or that beautiful bag. Make them last by showing them the proper care. Take coats in to get dry cleaned. Re sole great shoes so you can keep those boots walking. Protect your bags with proper storage. Creating your personal style and finding a wardrobe that makes it simple to get dressed is a journey. Don’t let great clothes get lost on the way!

So many times we stop ourselves from wearing or buying pieces that truly speak to us. That we fall in love with at first sight or save for the right occasion. If you like something, create the occasion to wear it! Splurge a bit to get it! Personal style should be unique to you because it is YOUR style. Make it truly yours and make it last.

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