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For many women, the only shopping experience they find more physically draining and emotionally frustrating than swimsuit shopping is shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. That’s why when you find the holy grail perfect fit, blessed by the denim gods, and destined for your glorious behind, you want them to last as long as possible, and probably also to buy them in a couple of washes. Here are a few tips for how to keep those jeans looking great long after you brought them home.


You’ve definitely bought a pair of jeans with that warning tag about the dye transferring to other clothes in the wash or even fading. So many great pants achieve an amazing color by using a dye. Set the dye before washing to protect it while washing. Here’s how!

· Turn your pair of jeans inside out.

· Fill a bucket or sink basin with cold water.

· Add a ¼ cup vinegar and 1 tsp. of salt to the water.

· Add jeans and let them soak for several hours.

· Remove and wash in cold water. Hang dry.

It’s super easy and helps protect that gorgeous color!


One of the best ways to keep your jeans looking fresh longer is to stop washing them after every wear. Seriously, stop it. Constantly washing your jeans can wear out the fit that you searched so hard to find and can fade the color of the wash. I can hear you asking, “So wait, if there is a spot on my jeans I‘m supposed to wear dirty jeans out?”

No, definitely not.

Rather than rushing to throw those jeans in the wash for a small spot, grab a damp cloth or even a small brush with a drop of soap and work out that stain. It will keep them looking great without wearing out your favorite pair.

That being said, you should look to wash your jeans after about ten wears or so. Basically, if you’ve worn them once or twice, you’re most likely still good to wear them another few times. When it does come time to wash them, make sure to unroll cuffs, check pockets, and turn them inside out. These steps help make sure that your jeans get clean all over, help prevent damage from whatever your forgot in your pockets (there’s always something in there, right?), and help prevent your jeans from fading in the wash.

When setting your jeans in for a wash, cold is your friend. Cold water washes not only protect your jeans from shrinking and fading but also save energy which is good for everyone really.

When it’s time to dry your jeans, AVOID the dryer. Heat and tossing around in the dryer can cause denim to breakdown, leading to shrinkage and a much shorter lifespan for your favorite pair. Let them hang dry, from a rack or a hanger.

Follow these tips to get the most wear out of your jeans, and you know, not have to go buy another pair for a while.


When it comes to storing your jeans, you actually have a few options.

You can, of course, hang them on a hanger in your closet. It might help for quick styling to have them grouped by wash or style so that you always know just what to snag for your perfect look.

You can also fold your jeans and keep them in a deep drawer in your dresser or closet. Marie Kondo taught the world to fold nearly everything in our closets and jeans are no different. Fold your jeans lengthwise, then in half, then repeat folding from the bottom up until you have a nice little jeans packet. Store them vertically in the drawer like file folders so you can easily see which pair is which without having to unfold all of them to find the right pair.

The main thing to remember is to pick a method that you can keep up with. If you aren’t the type to come home and hang up your clothes, then folding is probably better for you. If you don’t do either… well that’s another issue entirely. Basically, give your jeans a place to call home that you can easily maintain and helps you to find the right pair quickly to make getting dressed simple.

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