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We’ve seen some strange denim trends. Extreme low-rise, super skinny fits, acid washes, and crazy distressed finishes that unravel before your eyes. Some looks have not flattered anyone. What were we even thinking?!

Then there are some classic trends that are having a revival and plenty of tried-and-true favorites that never seem to go out of style, no matter what TikTok has to say about it. Here are some of the trends to embrace in denim this season.

The Crop Jean

Hi-lo or wide-leg, the crop is a classic summer jean and lets us show off one of our favorite accessories. Shoes. Whether sporting a cute pair of flats or dressing it up with a stylish pair of sandals, the crop jean is a great summer go to. Consider a slim fit with a breezy blouse or pair a wide leg crop with a more fitted top or tank for a beautifully balanced look.

The Skinny/Slim Jean

The slim, dare we say skinny, jean. A slim fitted jean is a wardrobe staple. It goes with just about everything and has a habit of looking good with nearly anything. So yes, by all means, wear it! Flaunt it. Strut your stuff in it. We think you look great.

The Boyfriend Jean

Fashion is opting for comfort fits after our year spent living indoors where no one cared what pants you were wearing, or if you even had pants on to start with. Besides being comfortable, boyfriend jeans are a cute and stylish look that look great dressed up or down. When styling the boyfriend jean, remember to cuff or roll the hem to not lose your lovely legs in the looser fit and consider pairing with a fitted top or tank for a feminine but relaxed weekend look.

The Trouser/Bootcut Jean

A classic style coming back with a modern fit. This isn’t the extreme flare of the 70’s, but a trim modern cousin with just the right amount of groovy. Consider a mid-rise to high-rise fit for an appropriate and wonderfully retro look. Pair with a tucked in blouse and slim heel for a sophisticated look or tucked in tank with a chunky sandal for a beachy retro vibe.

The Denim Jacket

Okay so not a jean, but an absolute classic! The denim jacket is going to be your go to summer night accessory. Consider a different denim wash when styling your jeans with jacket to avoid the “denim Dan” ensemble. Go with a lighter wash with a darker wash jean, a classic tee, and a sneaker for a youthful and easy weekend look. Need to dress it up?! You can always add a pair of heels!

Don’t feel like you have to chase the trends. Denim is a staple to any closet and styles have a way of coming back around (hello flare 😉). How you choose to style a jean can radically change the overall look and bring it back to vogue in a second. The most important thing is that you find fits you feel comfortable and confident in.

That’s the denim truth.

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